Goals for 2018

Seeing as February is almost half way through, I’d better get serious about setting some proper writing (and reading!) goals for myself. I thought I’d keep it realistic and have therefore stuck to five goals. I suppose it’s a great place to start and if I excel these goals then all the better!

1.) Blog Writing
I miss writing this blog. At my peak, I was writing two blogs a week. I suppose I’ve come along way since then, a new job, a lovely dog in the family – there just doesn’t seem to be quite enough hours in the day, but I’m determined to make the most of it. I need to grab whatever spare time I have, during lunchbreaks, in the evenings before bed – I must find the time.

2.) Increase sales of Latest Mistake
I’m not out to make money, I never have been with this venture, but I would like to see my story reach more people. I have three five-star reviews already (which is amazing!) and would like to increase this also. Increasing my social media will hopefully help with these things, as will perhaps dabbling in a little paid advertising. To execute this properly, I need a plan and a budget – something which I need to get down to sorting out!

3.) Finish the first draft of Wendy’s House
My self-imposed deadline for this is the autumn. Like this blog, I miss writing regularly. It’s not a hobby, it’s a part of who I am and often without it I’m lost. It’s also a mirror, a way in which I see and process the world, my reality and I also miss this insight and headspace writing regularly provides. I’d also like to release another book in 2019, so I’d better get a move on. Similarly to blog writing, I need to snatch whatever time I have, even if I’m writing on my phone on the train, it’s time to get very serious about this problem of ‘time’.

4.) Read at least five books
I can’t be certain but I believe I read less than 3 books last year. I did undertake a writing course and self-published my novel – so it was a busy year, however, like some of the other goals I have listed here, I miss reading. Reading books has given me some of the greatest experiences of my life. And it can be difficult looking at all the books you want to read on the shelf and not finding the time…there’s that issue again! So, I’m now reading on my commute and am on my third book of the year, so five should easily be manageable!

5.) Engage in the wider writing community
This goal has several facets. I’d quite like to guest blog (more on that soon!) and I’d quite like to attend some workshops, participate more in writer’s groups, write articles/reviews, that sort of thing. I haven’t got many specific arrangements worked out with this yet, but I’m going to commit some time to researching and contacting people to see what doors I can open for myself.

So, there’s plenty to be getting on with, as well as learn how to do a press up, a crow pose and get back into running! But I’m excited about the year ahead. I think goal setting is helpful, especially when combined with an attitude of self-awareness and perseverance. I’ll win some, I’ll lose some. There will be times it’s hard and in those times, I’ll seek rest but in other times I’ll push myself and see what I can achieve. I want to be here in a year’s time discussing all that I have achieved. Here’s to 2018.


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