Thoughts on writing identity…and a bit of fun!

So I’m back! That was much longer than expected! But I am now on annual leave in preparation for moving house and I needed to write some things down.

I’ve been thinking a lot of about identity recently. How do we identify ourselves? How do others identify us? One big part of my identity is writing. But it’s a complex, multi-faceted thing. And when one hasn’t written in a while like I have, or when the shine has tarnished somewhat with the serious business of adulting, what happens then?

On one hand I am constantly inspired by stories and films and have great aspirations and goals and then on the other, the disappointment, the doubt, the fear holds me back. I suppose it’s the same old story.

Then I worry about who I would be if I didn’t have writing. How I express myself would be severely compromised (as it typically is when I haven’t written in a while, like now) but more than that, in the times I feel like giving up, exhausted from the expectations I put on myself, I ask myself what would be left?

It’s like the craft and me are so intertwined, I can’t split one from the other. And it’s in this I actually find some comfort. Whatever happens in my “career” I can have something I enjoy always…so long as I make time for it…an ongoing feat.

So now that I’m on annual leave for two weeks, I intend to move house, to run (in preparation for my race) and to write. So I’ve decided to do something fun. I’ve got one other blog lined up for this week, but then it’s your turn to get involved. Name the topic reader, in the comments below, or on Twitter using @Rachael_SRB and I will research and write a blog on your topic. I’ll need two topics for Monday’s and Friday’s blogs- please also keep the topics related to writing, books or films and I’ll try my best to deliver!


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