My Top 5 Stephen King books

As I think most people know now, I am a huge Stephen King fan. So for this blog I thought I’d talk about a few of his books which are particularly close to my heart.

Many friends, family members and colleagues have expressed the notion that they would never have put me down as a Stephen King fan, or a horror genre fan at all, but I have enjoyed his work for over half my life. My father told me when I was a teenager that I had read more Stephen King books alone than he had read his entire life to date.

Bag of Bones
I recall finding this book in my school’s library. I’m not exactly sure of my age, perhaps somewhere between 12 and 14, (I was 11 when it was published in 1998) but this is the first of Stephen King’s that I read. The horror, the intrigue and the writing style had me immediately hooked. After this time I remember collecting as many Stephen King novels as possible.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
I picked up a hardback copy of this book from a bookshop in St Ives I believe while on a family holiday. It definitely couldn’t have been far from reading Bag of Bones (sounds about right as was published in 1999) and I remember being so pleased when I came across it. Quite unusual compared with many other of King’s works, but the personal story of Trisha McFarland and the struggle to survive really drew me in. This is in fact the only book I have ever read twice.

Salem’s Lot
I believe a copy of this came from the local library in London where I was raised. I remember fondly reading it on a family caravan holiday. My father later gave me a copy for my birthday.  This novel to me is old school horror-the kind of book you need to put away well before bed time, similar to The Shining in that way. It’s one of the oldest I’ve read of King’s, published in 1975. I have never forgotten the moment in the book where the vampire is found sleeping in Marsten House.

Gerald’s Game
This was recommended to me by a friend- King has such a vast cannon, I’m sure there are many other gems out there I have yet discovered! Featuring a sex game gone wrong resulting in death and a ghostly figure taunting the survivor, I borrowed my friend’s copy as soon as she mentioned it. It was a haunting look at the life choices we make and the grim reality of death and what lengths we go to in order to survive. Published in 1992, I’m detecting a pattern in my favourites…

Duma Key
Although published in 2008, I only obtained my copy from a book swapping box at my old workplace a couple of years ago, but it immediately became a favourite. I think some of King’s most fascinating work is when he brings you to such a place that extraordinary things happening to regular people seems normal. I also liked the character of Wireman straight away. La Loteria.

If you like what you’ve read here, check out the other books I’ve discussed such as The Hunger Games and my Favourite Books of 2015.


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