Progress is good (especially writing progress!)

I’ve had a very productive weekend just gone. I moved onto chapter three of Wendy’s House, I started to contact more agents and I ran my furthest distance, 4.2km. Definitely refocussing my attention and energies has allowed me to enjoy the things that I enjoy without anxiety.

Getting to know William
Making progress into chapter three really makes me feel like the book has started. I feel like I am getting to know Will very well as a character now-I haven’t actually written anything of Wendy just yet, aside from some notes. It’s interesting how, as the author, you identify (or project?) onto characters of the opposite sex to you. I remember reading Bird Song by Sebastian Faulks and recall how moving his character of Isabelle Azaire was, it was so spot on.

Standing up to the daunting prospect of more agents
In this, I decided to just do it without thinking. Of course, I paid close attention to my attachments, what I wrote etc. but I just sat down and did it without letting the fear of rejection stop me from doing it. As I said in my previous post, I won’t succeed if I don’t send the chapters out to anyone else. I remember sending out to agents the first time, it was and is a big deal, but a necessary step in order to get the life and the career that I want.

Progressing with personal goals
I have managed to successfully reduce my anxiety. This is not the time to become complacent, I have a little ways to go, but overall I feel freer, happier and more like myself. Enjoying some exercise as I prepare for The Colour Run in August too. I think setting obtainable short and long term goals is helping to keep me focussed and positive.

I read a lovely interview with Alan Rickman from 2015 yesterday, which you can find here, which was shared once again by Empire magazine in honour of what would have been the actor’s 70th birthday. At one point he says:

“So there’s the public agenda and there’s the private one. And the private one is certainly more important in a way because that’s what my life is made up of.”

This really inspired me as he is so correct. How important the balance is between both of these agendas, and how the private agenda actually informs the public, how the personal informs the art.

So I’ll end this one by thanking those who have been patient and stuck with this blog-I appreciate it. Yes I do see you on the stats on Monday and Friday-I’ll get back to that more strict routine soon. In the meantime, I have some more writing to do!


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