Latest Mistake-the film cast!

This week, with the highly anticipated release of the trailer for the film adaptation of JoJo Moyes’s novel Me Before You (hello Finnick Odair!), I decided it would be fun to think of which actors I would like to play my characters if a film of Latest Mistake was ever made. With recent successes of film adaptations like Fifty Shades of Grey and The Hunger Games and so many others, I imagine there are few authors who haven’t allowed themselves to dream of their story being immortalised on screen.

Choosing was harder than I thought it would be! There are so many actors and actresses I admire, it’s hard to choose between them! Plus, trying to mould these actors to how I see my characters in my head was challenging, but I think I have made some good choices here.

Blane replied pulling his t-shirt over his head in one swift and confident motion. His arms and his back were very muscular after spending many years blowing glass and lifting weights. His torso was thinner, and his pelvic bone was just visible, peeking out from the top of his jeans. Blane pulled up his jeans when he noticed. Melanie scribbled down the name of the restaurant without looking at the papers she was holding.

For Blane, I have narrowed it down to either Andrew Garfield or Benjamin Whishaw.


For Andrew Garfield, I’d have to rough him up a bit, bulk him up a bit and he’d have to lose the beard he’s been sporting lately! But I’ve always admired Andrew for his raw and honest performances, especially in Never Let Me Go and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and I think he could play a troubled Blane very well.

Ben Whishaw is an actor I’ve only recently discovered, in the latest James Bond films, London Spy and Lobster. Again, like Garfield his acting style is very genuine and I often find when I’m watching him, I’m riveted. Similarly to Garfield, I’d have to bulk him up a bit!

The only trouble with these two hugely talented actors is that neither has Blane’s signature blue eyes, though Ben has quite light coloured eyes. Perhaps I could ask them to wear coloured lenses!

Her brown hair, although styled, fell naturally about her shoulders. She was slender and mature looking. Her eyes were bright and warm, but guarded. Her smile was perfect, but it quickly fell from her face as she recognised him. She was as beautiful as she had ever been. Nothing like he expected, but everything at the same time.


I kept coming back to this actress even when I was actively trying to think of alternatives, but I absolutely adore Carey Mulligan.

carey mulligan 1

Not only has she worked with Andrew Garfield before on Never Let Me Go, her performance as Bathesha last year in Far From the Madding Crowd, makes me think she could portray Amelia in a very real way; her acting consumes her all, her face, her body, she can portray emotions clearly in a look or how she holds herself. I often think of Amelia as quite introverted, quite contemplative, and I think Mulligan could get a balance between those emotions and her love for Blane.

His broad shoulders and toned arms were emphasised by a plain white shirt. He pulled his Levis up a little. His generic handsome face and green eyes were made charming by his scruffy brown hair that grew to just above his ears.

Now, I had a few actors for Richard in mind and I have narrowed it down to one…Liam Hemsworth!
Liam Hemsworth

He’s another actor who I believe in a role immediately and seems to effortless in his emotions. Similarly to Ben Whishaw when he’s on screen, I only have eyes for him, he’s so subtle and very handsome and I think Liam Hemsworth and Andrew Garfield for example would work well opposite each other. Plus, I’d love to hear Liam Hemsworth speaking in a British accent!

Her suit was crisp and made her look incredibly sexy. Her long legs were shaped perfectly by a pencil skirt and black high heels.
Daisy Ridley

For Grace I have chosen Daisy Ridley. I loved her performance in Star Wars, and for a bold and confident female character, I think she’s the perfect choice. On the other hand, Grace is also vulnerable and tragic and at sometimes hopeless and I think Daisy could handle that with poise and sincerity. Plus, she is so beautiful!

That was so fun! I suppose sometimes dreaming and hoping helps keep the dream alive.

All images are courtesy of our old friend, Google!


3 thoughts on “Latest Mistake-the film cast!

  1. I really enjoyed seeing which actors you chose, Rachael! I could definitely see Carey Mulligan, but I agree I thought of someone a bit bulkier for Blane 😉 They are both (or all three) attractive guys though! X


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