The big chapter one

So, it seems I have managed to unexpectedly throw myself over the hurdle I’ve been battling and successfully made it out the other side…clutching a finished chapter one of Wendy’s House. I had in fact sat down to write a blog post and decided instead to compare the two chapters I had written. Interestingly, I discarded the new version almost straight away and went back to the original, which I liked more than I remembered. I did a little editing of the portion I had already written and wrote a further thousand words to flesh it out and finish it off.  I think I will have another look at it, as I think there are areas of improvement still, but I am so relieved to be finished with it. I feel free now to build on this and progress with the story.

I find it very amusing that this has occurred so shortly after posting my inspiration tips! So what was the delay in writing this all about?

In truth I struggle to articulate it. I imagine it has a lot to do with being a bit rusty, having not enforced a strict writing schedule in some time. Interestingly now that I have had a successful session, I am already thinking about what time I have in the evenings this week to have another look at it or continue with chapter two. This self-perpetuating excitement, motivation, inspiration, is something I remember from before and welcome it back gladly. Feeling like I was in a room with Will, sharing his personal space, getting to know what he looks like, moves like, smells like, was very inspiring and powerful and not something I have experienced since writing Blane’s character; I welcome this back gladly too.

Speaking of Blane, I imagine it also has a lot to do with moving on from Latest Mistake as I have discussed before. The characters of Wendy’s House aren’t yet as clear to me (after only one chapter? Of course not!) but I feel as if they are established now, and for me that’s a big step. I don’t see it as leaving Latest Mistake behind, but rather starting a new creative challenge. Plus I have included some Latest Mistake development in a chart I have created manage my time each week; my goal in relation to this novel is contact one new agent a week to give myself a good chance of going down the tradition route. I feel this goal is manageable and also leaves time for my other writing commitments, such as Wendy’s House, this blog, the university’s blog and any other adhoc writing I may undertake. My employer has also allowed me to sign up for an online blog writing course (how exciting!) so I will also now need to dedicate time to this venture too. I’m hoping that breaking everything down into these manageable chunks mean I can manage my time much more efficiently.

So it seems like 2016 has got off to a good start! 🙂


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