“What happened?” “What always happens. Life.”

The short quote above is from 500 Days of Summer (a long standing favourite of mine) and adequately explains my recent absence. This is not a personal blog so I won’t go into detail but some truly wonderful things have happened which have taken up some of my time, and some not so wonderful things have also happened, equally taking up my time. When life throws you curve balls, good and bad, it is sometimes hard to know what to do, how to think and how to feel. The key to reconciling all these things? Time.

Having taken some time for myself I am beginning to feel switched on again, like my mind has processed everything it needed to, accepted some new changes and learned some rather difficult home truths. Now, I’m ready to begin again.

It’s funny that most of my life experiences in one way or another lead me to write. It’s as if writing is the means in which I measure myself, the way in which I truly see myself. I suppose it can be a difficult mirror to face, particularly when you’re feeling vulnerable. But, the time has come to see myself again, and now that I have done, I am surprisingly relieved. I am intact, I am strong, I like the look of myself. Disaster averted.

So, where am I at? Well I have decided to do one more round of agents. This should take me to early next year to wait for responses. But in the New Year I also want to take steps to self-publish. My creative frustration seems to stem from the waiting. I know all writers have to pay their dues, I in no way think I am the exception. My thinking merely is focussed on being proactive and trying to make something happen for myself. The time is passing anyway, so I may as well make the most of it.

I’m sorry to report I haven’t written anymore of Wendy’s House, though I did spend a pleasant morning in bed thinking things up for Will and Wendy. I haven’t done that in a long time. With this in mind I have decided to implement the routine I used to finish Latest Mistake which was to write an hour a day, 5 days a week and longer at weekends if possible. This was often gruelling and I recall more than once falling asleep at my desk, but ultimately it worked. To make genuine headway on this novel, I need to get serious. This time though I also need to factor in blog writing and hopefully other creative commitments too; I am one of the writers for the university’s new blog and I have just submitted my second article to Grow Leamington Spa. All very exciting.

So I suppose the only thing left to say here is thanks for sticking around while I was gone, I appreciate the support and look forward to writing more blogs, on the serious stuff and the fun stuff too!


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