Hello World!

Looking back, I think I started writing at around 10 years old. I still have my first tatty, sticker covered notebook full of barely decipherable words. But it started the fire. Since then, you name it, I’ve written it; plays, poetry, fan fiction, reviews, articles, all with various degrees of seriousness. I remember studying for my a-levels and I would write at every available opportunity, even during classes I wasn’t particularly enjoying or very late at night when the words just wouldn’t go away.

It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do as a career. But when I went to university to study film and literature in 2006, certain I was going to come out a film critic, everything changed. There was so much to read, write and watch and far too much fun to be had, that I didn’t make time for my dream. This was a mistake. It became harder and harder to go back to a story that I had half-started when I was seventeen but wanted to finish. After I graduated, reality hit me with a bump. I was unemployed for a while and life suddenly became extremely serious. I realised I had to claw my way back to writing or I may never feel fulfilled.

This realisation came six years ago. Since then, I have had various jobs, travelled to new places, met new, great people, married a wonderful man, read some incredible books and finally completed my first novel, Latest Mistake; a tale of two childhood friends, Blane and Amelia, who, tortured by their lost love, growing up and their hopes for the future are suddenly reunited. I recruited some dear friends to read it for me, and for their efforts, honest feedback and patience, I remain immensely grateful. Then, in June, I submitted my novel to agents for the first time. The night before I pressed send on my first email, my husband noticed how tense I was. I told him that I was terrified. Although I had dreamed for many years about being in the position to submit, the prospect was hugely daunting. What would I do if it wasn’t good enough? This question kept me awake for most of the night.

So why start a blog now? Well, I am serious about kick starting a career and an online presence can’t be undervalued. But more than that, I am keen to document and share the process, the things I am going through in pursuit of my dream, the good and the bad. I wish to have a platform for my voice to discuss writing, films and whatever else takes my fancy- the serious and the not so serious! I very much hope you will join me.


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